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Tech & Commerce

Tech & Commerce

We offer a full range of IP services. Representative services include:

  1. Patent Preparation and Prosecution
  2. Trademark and Copyright Registration
  3. Strategic Counseling
  4. Validity Studies
  5. Freedom-to-Operate Opinions
  6. Due Diligence and Technology Transfer Work
  7. Arbitration and Mediation Services

IP Strategy & Execution

Clients often recognize how important it is to develop a strong IP strategy early, since IP assets may represent a significant percentage of a business's intrinsic value. Once IP strategies are in place, their execution requires ongoing supervision. We can help with all your IP needs.

For individuals, start-ups and emerging businesses without in-house legal staff, our office can also help with related transactional and corporate work.  

Scalable Bandwidth

For large projects with strict deadlines, the firm's bandwidth is rapidly scalable. Our offices have partnered with specialists and litigators in numerous industries to provide a full range of domestic and international IP services.


We are mindful of our clients’ budgetary considerations, and our hourly rates are competitive regardless of the size and complexity of the project. Our billing arrangements are flexible, and quotes for not-to-exceed fees are available for certain types of projects.


Tech & Commerce

Tech & Commerce

Tech & Commerce

Our practice focuses on all matters of technology and commerce. Here are a few samples of the firm's work product before the USPTO:

Bio/Medical Technologies 

  • 9546386 Glucose and Xylose Co-Fermenting Microorganism
  • 7833282 Eustachian Tube Device and Method      

Analytical Arts 

  • 8176769 Device and Method for Quantifying a Surface’s Cleanliness   
  • 6734436 Optical Microfluidic Devices    

Chemistry & Materials   

  • 8061892 Assessing a Sample’s Temperature Exposure History
  • 7309754 Stable Encapsulant Fluid Capable of Undergoing Reversible Diels-Alder Polymerization  

Electronics & Software 

  • 10141770 Powering and/or Charging with a Plurality of Protocols   
  • 8239253 Election-Based Electronic Compilations 



Louis Wu

Tech & Commerce

Louis Wu

Louis has over two decades of experience and know-how in IP law and technology commercialization.


  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, B.Sc, Materials Science and Engineering
  2. University of California, Berkeley, Advanced Biosciences Program
  3. Northeastern University, M.Sc., Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
  4. University of San Francisco, J.D. (Doctor of Law)


  1. U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
  2. California State Bar
  3. U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit 

Other Skills & Competencies

  1. Adjunct faculty at San Francisco State University and at Santa Clara University 
  2. Fluency in Mandarin Chinese
  3. Conversant in open source software issues
  4. Familiar with matters before the Food and Drug Administration 
  5. Versed in proceedings before the International Trade Commission  

For additional information on Louis' background, please see his blog or click here.

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